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Chicken Treat is owned and operated by the largest Australian owned quick service restaurant operator, craveable brands. whose extensive intellectual property focuses on restaurant operations, supply chain, franchising, IT, marketing, store design and construction, food innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Hear from our CEO & Franchisees

The Chicken Treat Family

Sean O’Connor

Recruiting the right business operators to join our team

Mark Hooper

Securing the right location and lease terms for future success

Melissa Anderson

Providing continuous learning and guidance for franchisees and crew

Ian Flemington

Enabling franchisees with HR & ER best practice approach

Toni Spicer-Chase

Ensuring that the high quality of food products are consistent in our 570+ restaurants

Michael Schofield

Future proofing our restaurants through technology

Menu Innovation

We are a food business, and with a pledge to “Feed Your Fun Side” we certainly deliver. Our new product development team are constantly looking at ways to create delicious combinations that keep customers coming back for more… and they succeed! Some of our best-known products that you need to try are; ChiCow Burger, Crunchified Chicken and the Tempta Burger… but never fear… there’s always more to come!

Pushing The Digital Boundaries

Our Digital Team are always looking for ways to push the boundaries to be original and create ‘wanted’ content. So how about letting a chicken take over the Twitter account, yes indeed, ‘Chicken Tweet’ was Australia’s first tweeting chicken! The campaign earned more than $2.5 million in earned media generating a 4,364% ROI. We like to push the boundaries and the digital world enables us to do it so well.


We are here to deliver amazing food and fantastic service… but you may have realized by now that we also like to go beyond the norm… so we always look to improve our offering. Research showed that many of our customers were buying snacks to eat on the road… and what is better than ‘Roadies’ a cup shaped container full of your favourite loaded chips or monster nuggets… a cup that fits in your car cup holder. Packaging Perfection.