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Launched in 1976, Chicken Treat has been a WA favourite for more than forty years. Built on the passion for providing West Australians with succulent rotisserie chicken the menu has now diversified to include an amazing array of burgers, wraps, fried chicken and sides… you could say, there’s something delicious for every hungry belly and appetite.

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We want you to keep up with what's going on at Chicken Treat... and there is ALWAYS something happening!  Whether it's a new delicious item being added to the menu... or we are opening a new store to feed the masses or what about the amazing work our team are doing every day including community initiatives and oh so much more! So read on friends...

Over 1,200 franchisors and about 80,000 franchises all around Australia. It all comes to about 1.5 billion australian dollars worth of sales on a per annum basis, and increasing. Franchising…

Making the decision to be your own boss is a big one… And deciding whether to buy an existing business, or invest in a franchise can make the choice even…

JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS FOR FRANCHISE SUCCESS So many factors contribute to the success of a franchise business, but one of the most important is location. That’s where Mark Hooper, otherwise…

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Here at Chicken Treat, we have incredibly talented and supportive team to help you succeed. The franchising, property, construction and supply chain teams are ready to get you up and running. Then the training, operations, marketing and product development teams will always be on hand to help your store thrive long into the future.

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The Franchisor is the provider of the Franchise System and the Franchisee is the purchaser of the franchise business.

Franchisees are in effect, small business operators located in metro, suburban, regional and rural areas.

Franchising in Australia is amongst the most dynamic and progressive business sectors in the economy and has a sales turnover estimated at $146 billion.

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