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For the Love of Chicken

We’ve been satisfying rotisserie and fried chicken cravings for over 40 years, and we’re still going strong! The success of Chicken Treat is evident through our store growth strategy and our store sales figures. Now that we’re launching into a new period of growth, we’re looking for new Franchise Partners to help us keep up with demand. Our customers just can’t get enough of us!

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Why buy a Chicken Treat franchise?

Chicken Treat is a hugely popular Western Australian brand with superpower potential. A new look, a new era, and we’re ready to take on the world. All we need is strong business leaders like you to share the joy far and wide.
As a Chicken Treat Franchise Partner, you’ll have the support of our entire network of franchise experts. We’re closely braided in with Western Australian culture, and most families here can’t imagine life without Chicken Treat’s fried and rotisserie chicken.

Our community has grown up with us, and now we’re focussing on growing and innovating for them.

Who is Chicken Treat?

If you’ve lived in Western Australia for more than a second, you’ll know exactly where the nearest Chicken Treat is. We’re home-grown from humble beginnings, and if we can borrow our state’s motto, ‘We’re the real thing’.

We served our first lip-smacking rotisserie chicken in 1976, and now have 55 locations across Western Australia (plus we’re venturing over the border). We also have two other iconic Australian franchises as sister brands; Red Rooster and Oporto and we all operate under the umbrella of Craveable Brands.

This is a powerhouse dream team – talk about enthusiastic go-getters who are fuelled by business excellence, delicious food and customer-centricity.

Franchise success backed by Craveable Brands

People like you are the real heroes of Chicken Treat’s success. Our devoted employees, driven Franchise Partners and loyal customers are the whole reason Chicken Treat is a hometown hero. With the backing of our parent company Craveable Brands who own and operate Red Rooster and Oporto, you’ll have the added support and inspiration of 580 franchise owners across Australia and New Zealand as well as a team of 180 industry experts to help achieve your business dreams. The sky’s the limit.

Location, location, location

A Chicken Treat should never be too far away. If you know of a good location for a new Chicken Treat restaurant, give us a call. We’re ready to expand throughout Western Australia and beyond. We’ll help by looking at the feasibility of the site, and negotiating the lease and construction. In fact, we have an entire dedicated property team to sweep in and take care of it all.

Get tech working for you

With all the technical elements of business already sorted out for you including POS and EFTPOS machines through to social media and home delivery partnerships, you’ll have more time to build relationships with your community. We’re one step ahead and ready to save the day when needed.

Draw on the buying power of a national giant

Our standards are high and we take an always on approach to the safety of our people, our food and our customers, we aim for excellence. We have rigorous expectations, especially with food quality and delivery, and expect the same from all our suppliers. Only the freshest ingredients get stocked in our restaurants.

Great food that makes your customers happy

Our customers appreciate our commitment to an Australian-first approach to partnering with suppliers, and a respect for where their food comes from. We’re not afraid to look at how we can be better, do things differently and still hold true to our core values.

We make what customers are craving. If they want fried chicken, we’ll fry it. If they want it in a burger, we’re on it. We know that cravings evolve, and we accept every challenge to keep things fresh and dynamic as we love to surprise and delight!

All the franchising support you need

We’re simply the best choice if you’re looking to buy a food franchise. Our long-standing history of being embedded in Western Australian culture, combined with the backing of Craveable Brands, puts you on the road to success.

You don’t even need to know anything about fried chicken before you jump in. You just need to be willing to put in the work and follow our proven process.

Before your store opens, we’ll take you through our comprehensive, eleven-week training program. We’ll even provide a turnkey operation if you’re opening a new build. You don’t have to worry about construction management or fit-out decisions. Just follow the path and fly high!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s it like to own a Chicken Treat franchise?

    Owning a Chicken Treat franchise is like owning a piece of your hometown. We have a management team that drives all our processes and performance, making it easier for you to succeed. With multiple levels of support, a structure is in place to help you get results. From your Business Consultant, who’s only a phone call away, to the State Manager and CEO, the support you get will make you say, “… Dang!”

  • How much does it cost to buy a Chicken Treat franchise?

    The cost of opening a Chicken Treat restaurant depends on the store’s size, layout and equipment. However, in general, it ranges from $350,00-$650,000 (plus GST). The $40,000 (plus GST) franchise fee is the same, no matter what sized store you buy and it covers you for the length of your agreement, usually around 10 years.

  • How is owning a franchise different from owning my own business?

    With a franchise, you skip the long start-up phase of building a brand and growing a customer base. The benefit of buying a franchise is that you’re buying a business that’s already successful. You have brand recognition and instant customers from the day you open your doors. That means there’s immediate brand recognition, collective buying power, easier financing and comprehensive training resulting in a lower risk of failure.

  • Do I need to find a location to open a Chicken Treat franchise?

    No. But if you have an idea, we’re always looking for new places to open the next Chicken Treat. When selecting locations, we want to be the centre of the food action. Our property team searches every day for locations that meet the criteria for a high-traffic store.

  • Who builds my new store?

    We do. We’ll contract with the builder and manage the entire project from start to finish. It’s a turnkey purchase, so we’ll do all the planning, design, construction and fit-out for you. You can work on your marketing plan and hire a great crew, and just let us take care of the rest.

  • What qualifications do I need to buy a Chicken Treat franchise?

    Our Chicken Treat Franchise Partners are all hard-working, people-focused and business-minded. You don’t need previous retail or food experience, but if you have them, it’s a bonus. Some of our owners had their first job at Chicken Treat and turned their loyalty as a young employee into a career. We offer an extensive training program to teach you the business side, so as long as you have the drive and a passion for people and customer service, we’ll help you with the rest.

  • How long is my franchise agreement?

    A franchise agreement typically lasts ten years. It may be less in shopping centre food courts, depending on their occupancy terms, but you can count on a solid decade of working for a growing brand. After ten years, there’s an option of an additional ten years for freestanding stores.

  • How much money will I make as a Chicken Treat franchise owner?

    We wish we could give you a ballpark figure, but there are just too many factors. Your store’s location and the strategies you have in place can impact your potential income. We recommend that you talk to an accountant, who’ll help you prepare a sales and profit forecast to make financial projections.

  • How do I get started?

    We’re glad you asked! Fill out an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch, to discuss your next steps

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