Employee Relations Manager – Meet Stephanie McGuigan

Family News: December 29, 2018

AT CHICKEN TREAT, WE LOVE PEOPLE. That is why, we pay special attention when recruiting the personnel that will be responsible for taking care of the familia. 

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Stephanie McGuigan – Craveable Brands’ Employee Relations Guru.

Our Employee Relations Manager Stephanie McGuigan loves a challenge. It was what prompted the vibrant (and adventurous) 31-year-old lawyer to move to New York three years ago. Steph had no job, no accommodation and no contacts lined up – promising herself that she would somehow make it in the Big Apple.

Steph made good on the promise – within just a few months she had secured a position as Vice President of Employee Relations for the prestigious Barclay’s Bank.

“It was really competitive as an Aussie in New York. Plus, I only had three initial months on a tourist visa to set up a job. However, I think it’s important to push and stretch yourself and embrace challenges to grow. Your career shouldn’t just be about always taking the easy option.”

With a background as an employment lawyer in Australia, Steph is now responsible for supporting franchisees on employment related matters such as workplace laws, developing policies, and conducting internal investigations and audits.

Back home in Sydney from her stint in New York, Stephanie says she jumped at the chance to join Craveable Brands (owner & operator of Chicken Treat) and make a positive change to the business which has around 12,000 employees Australia wide, making it one of the country’s largest employers.

“This position is relatively new and as employment law can be a complicated area, I felt I could add real value to the business by helping people understand the various facets of the law”, she says. “Bringing everyone together is my ultimate goal here.”


Starting her working life as a waitress at 17, the University of Sydney graduate and F45 devotee says her natural enthusiasm, calmness and diligence has taken her far in life. Steph’s job requires fairness above all else. That is why she says the words from one of her favourite books To Kill a Mockingbird, have always resonated with her: “At one point, lawyer Atticus Finch suggests to ‘climb into someone’s skin and walk around in it’ before you judge. I just love that and agree that it’s really important to not be judgmental.”

“I also think it’s vital to remain calm because you can have a whole bunch of serious allegations thrown at you to deal with, so it’s essential to be steady and work through it without being rash.”

How to guarantee Chicken Treat success

Stephanie acknowledges that the industry is going through a challenging time at the moment, but also sees it as a good chance to grow.

“Employees one hundred percent make or break a business and in order to grow you need to treat people well and support their rights. Respecting people for their work will only engage and empower them more.  After all it’s not at all a coincidence that our unofficial motto here at Craveable is ‘A fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay’.”

To guarantee business success, Steph believes it all starts at the top of the tree, “there are a lot of stakeholders, moving parts and processes behind running a successful food business. We are committed to getting all those parts in the chain moving as efficiently as possible.”


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