In Australia… We Love Chicken!

Brand News: October 10, 2019

It’s World Chicken Day…
and our research shows that
that it’s Chicken we Love

Craveable brands. chicken report

We commissioned an independent survey of 1000 people across Australia on their chicken eating habits… and here are the key findings of Craveable Brands’ ‘Chicken is King’ report:

Consumption – Most Australians eat chicken twice or more each week which equates to an average 49 kgs of chicken per person per year.

Our changing palate – At the end of WWII, Australians ate 10 times more beef and veal than chicken. Today that has reversed, as we eat twice as much chicken than beef and almost five times as much chicken as lamb.

Affordability – The price of chicken has been getting more affordable for the average Australian, with chicken costing only 28 per cent that of beef, compared to 42 per cent 25 years ago. Factoring in inflation, the cost of chicken has more than halved since 1994, a welcome antidote to gloomy news headlines about a rising cost of living.

Breast over wings – The favourite part of the chicken for Australians overall is the breast, followed by the thigh, then leg and finally the wing.

Loss of custom – There’s not a lot of wishful thinking out there as 57% of people don’t break the wishbone.

Our favourite place to eat – Chicken is at the dinner table at home, suggesting the rising home food delivery services are likely to grow in popularity.

Western Australian – Young men, aged 18-29, prefer chicken breasts more than any other group in the country.

Queensland vs NSW differences – How you like to cook your chicken depends on your State of Origin. Queenslanders (the Maroons) prefer their chicken roasted while those from NSW (the Blues) prefer their chicken barbecued.

Victorian vs NSW differences – Victorians’ tastes are more in line with the cultural norms of the Western World, with the low fat, whiter meat of the chicken breast considered healthier by Western consumers, while those from NSW are more in line with Asian countries who favour wings and legs.

Women vs men – More women than men eat chicken once a day and more women than men eat chicken at least twice each week, suggesting men prefer red meat. Medical research shows eating too much red meat can lead to obesity, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease and it can shorten your lifespan4.



🐔In Chicken we trust… And you?

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