Chicken Treat’s 2021 Heroes

Brand News: November 16, 2021

At the annual Chicken Heroes Conference this year, Chicken Treat announced the winners of our FY21 Chicken Hero awards. Celebrating some key standouts in what has been a standout year for Chicken Treat, the seven awards presented were:

  1. Milestone Award
  2. Hero Safety
  3. People Capability Hero  – Regional
  4. People Capability – Metro
  5. Hero Ticket
  6. Restaurant Manager of the Year
  7. Franchise Partner of the Year.

Across Western Australia, Chicken Treat has a great team of chicken heroes, dedicated to customer service and business growth. Every year for the past however many years, we’ve closed our annual conference with an awards ceremony  as a way to celebrate the restaurants and people that have been so committed to giving you the world’s best Chicken Treats.

Here’s our full list of winners:


Milestone Reacher – Sheryl and Cass, South Hedland. 

In what has been an outstanding year in sales for Chicken Treat one store has surpassed a milestone that 5 years ago would have only been a dream. It has been a heroic effort over 5 years to get the store to where it is today and there’s plans in place to take it even further.

 Hero Safety – Sarah and Hamish Popperwell, Wembley Downs.

Safety is the number one priority for Craveable Brands, The criteria for this award is based on Safety and Security Audit, Incident Reporting, Food Safety Policy sign offs, First Aid and Food Safety Certificate Compliance.

 Regional People capability Hero – Mick and Deanne, Newman

These FP’s reached out in July 2020 and asked for support with creating and implementing a People & Capability plan for their restaurant. They understood that they needed to grow their teams skills and by doing this, would create a happier HERO team culture. Their team have all completed the required certifications for Team Trainer and are looking to upskill to Shift Supervisor.Their Assistant Manager has completed Certificate 4 in Retail Operations and has now been signed up for Cert 4 in Business; this has ensured that they have a plan in place and a well-trained team ready to operate in their new restaurant once they transition. In conjunction with the reward & recognition program they have in place, they are reaping the rewards of their relentless focus on their people – proving that distance is not an obstacle to HERO People.

Metro People Capability Hero – Kelly Buxton, Woodbridge

This Franchise Partner has used the Restaurant capability plan to grow and manage her team since becoming a Franchise Partner in 2018. She knows what the strengths and weaknesses of her team are and has worked to upskill them and create a HERO team culture that has assisted her to succeed in her Woodbridge restaurant. She now has a good amount of capability in her team that will support her transition into her second restaurant. 


Hero Ticket – Jeff Llorente, Secret Harbor.

This award is for the highest ticket growth. With an outstanding performance of raising ticket %.

Restaurant Manager of the Year – Cath Stevenson, Katanning.

Our winner has been with Chicken Treat for just shy of 11 years and has been the pillar of her store and community.  She epitomizes our hero Code.

Franchise Partner of the Year – Kelly Buxton, Woodbridge and Bertram.

Our Franchise Partner of the year criteria captures the Hero Metrics of sales growth, Audit Scores, Training, Safety Scores and Complaints. Our Franchise Partner of the year has been a Restaurant Manager within our stores and made the leap to Franchise Partner  2 and half years ago and has since become a multi site operator. Her store was in the top 5 of all metrics this year and has seen an amazing turnaround in one of our oldest stores.

Congratulations to all of our award winners.

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