Why Chicken Treat is One of the best food franchises in Australia

Why this is the year of Chicken Treat

Anyone who knows Chicken Treat knows that fast food franchising brands don’t get much better. Our immediate brand recognition and commitment to quality and excellence in all areas have locked in some huge growth in the past year.

In short: they’ve made us one of the fastest-growing, best food franchises.

Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience, we pack a punch! You don’t have to be from WA to understand the iconic Chicken Treat brand (but it sure helps).

That said, we firmly believe that there’s always room for improvement. So expect all sorts of customer-based developments, from tech to training and store design to menu innovation.

Outstanding Food

Chicken Treat has always thought ‘out of the box’. We believe that you can be at the forefront of food trends while still serving up the menu items your customers have grown up with.

It’s no secret that we like to experiment with new tastes and Insta-worthy food, and we aren’t slowing down. Our menu development team will make sure of that! One thing that won’t change, though, is our commitment to quality and affordability.

Leadership in Convenience

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that ‘convenience’ options sometimes become necessities. Our restaurants were lucky enough to be in a great position during a bad situation. Home delivery and drive-thru orders quickly became the overwhelming majority of our sales.

Now, we aim to keep expanding and improving those options. We’re proud to be taking a leadership role in this element of the food franchise industry – because access to contactless pick-ups has never been more important.  Watch this space!

Network and Growth

Chicken Treat is expanding its flock not only across WA, but also into NSW, ACT and VIC. But to do this, we need new franchise partners who are keen to join our iconic brand. Think more drive-thrus, more store fronts and more visibility – all wrapped up in newly designed stores.

There’s never been a better time to step into one of the best food franchises in Australia.

Have More Questions About Buying a Chicken Treat Restaurant?

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Is Buying a Chicken Treat Franchise the Right Choice for You?

If you like family-friendly food in a colourful, dynamic working environment, and you think you have what it takes to lead a team, we want to talk to you. Our expansion is only limited by the number of quality candidates wanting to join our flock.
WA’s thirst for Chicken Treat is exponentially growing, which means so is our footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what type of store is best for me?

    Simple: start researching and the answer will come to you. Our drive-thrus are the largest and most dynamic of our restaurant types. Their potential for turnover is fantastic, but of course, their day-to-day operations can be more complicated. By contrast, our shop fronts also have excellent ROI and are a great option for business owners who want a smaller, more community-based restaurant.

  • How much does a Chicken Treat restaurant cost?

    Newly built drive-thrus start between $350,000 and $650,000 (plus GST) depending on their location, size and other factors and shop fronts cost between $300,000 and $420,000 (plus GST).

  • Why should I buy a franchise, instead of opening my own independent business?

    That’s a very personal decision. However, we can tell you the general benefits of franchising over independent small business ownership.

    Firstly, when you turn the key to open your new restaurant, we’ve already established all of the necessary processes. This means you’ll lose very little time or money to trial and error. You’ll walk through the door with all the knowledge and training you need to run a successful business.

    You’ll also get to stand on the shoulders of an established, well-loved franchise. Plus, when problems arise, as they sometimes do in business, you’ll have numerous teams of experts to advise you.

  • What qualifications do I need to own a Chicken Treat Restaurant?

    To own a business in Australia, you must either be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. But as far as qualifications, there are no formal prerequisites.

    There are qualities we look for when we select franchisees, though. All of our successful business owners are fantastic at relationships – with staff, with our support teams and – most importantly – with their customers. So if you aren’t a people-person, this is probably not the right gig for you.

    Having a great nose for business is also a huge advantage. We’ll provide all your training before you launch, so you don’t need prior hospitality experience, but it’s always great to know what you’re in for!

  • Who owns Chicken Treat, and do they own any other restaurant brands?

    Chicken Treat’s parent company is Craveable Brands, which also owns Red Rooster and Oporto. All three brands under the Craveable umbrella receive the same level of support and training – and all have the same teams of experts behind them.

    So if you choose to buy a Chicken Treat, you’ll be in good company!