Chicken Treat Store Supervisor – Meet Zoe Buchanan

Family News: March 5, 2019

Zoe Buchanan is our amazing Store Supervisor at Merriwa. She has been with the brand for nearly 4 years and her job is invaluable when she is managing the people at the restaurant.

Zoe Buchanan - Store Supervisor at Merriwa Chicken Treat

She is so happy with the team that she is working with that barely it feels like work.

“We have an incredible team of staff who make a great work environment. The way we work together often makes it feel as if we aren’t at work and this makes me so much happier to go to work everyday and get the job done. It also means even in busy periods we work hard together and afterwards feel accomplished.”


When did you join Chicken Treat and why did you choose the brand?

I have worked in the Clarkson branch before it closed for approximately a year and have been currently working in the merrier store for 3 years this year. I first joined the brand to gain experience in the workplace and have since stayed due to the great opportunity of promotion and development of my working skills.


Who is an inspiration for you?

Fiona Wood inspires me as she is incredible devoted and intelligent and is one of the most skilled reconstructive plastic surgeons of Australia. She has contributed so much quality research to the medical profession, particularly in the burns unit. It is very difficult to find passionate and compassionate doctors, particularly in the plastic surgery sector, and I aspire to be like her after my studies.


What do you like doing when you are out of the store?

I have recently taken to reading; poetry and self preservation have been my most read genres.


And finally… What are you most proud of?

I am proud of the ATAR score I achieved, getting in the top 10% of students and being awarded a scholarship for my efforts from my university.