Andrea Slinger and Sarah-Jane Orr – The Marketing Queens

Brand News: March 7, 2019

ChickenTreatWomensWeek – Andrea Slinger and Sarah-Jane Orr are our Marketing queens. They have both been ‘brand guardians’ for over two years, maintaining integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications.

Know more about the girls behind Chicken Treat Marketing…

Andrea Slinger

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Chicken Treat team? The opportunities and wide range of fun and exciting projects you get to work on. Especially being a part of a small team I have had the ability to work on a cross section of the business which can be hard in bigger teams. And of course the taste tastings!


How long have you been working for CT and why did you decide to join the brand? I have been with Chicken Treat for just over two years and the decision was a real easy one for me! I love food, in particular burgers and fried chicken, and branding/campaign management are my favourite areas of marketing. Plus Chicken Treat is such a fun, iconic brand so yeah it was a no brainer.


Name a woman that inspires you and why: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. American politics is so interesting right now and she definitely makes it really funny! Not only am I inspired by her witty humour she is also the youngest women to ever be elected into Congress.


Some hobby you might have: Food, food, music and then more food.


One achievement you are proud of: Being part of the Chicken Treat team who has been responsible for the massive shift in brand consideration and sales.


Sarah-Jane Orr

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Chicken Treat team? I love being part of a team that are all super passionate about the Chicken Treat brand. We all have separate roles to play but are able to work cohesively to achieve the brands goals. I also love being a part of the changes that Chicken Treat has gone through in the past 18 months from new menu items to a full digital transformation that includes a new website, upgraded technology for EDMs and SMS marketing and a bigger focus on social media and influencer marketing.


How long have you been working for CT and why did you decide to join the brand? I’ve worked for Chicken Treat since August 2017 and working for a large brand such as Chicken Treat is rare to find in Perth, so when the opportunity came up, I quickly jumped on it. As this was a brand new role, I was able to start with a fresh slate and alongside the Marketing Manager and Brand Manager, create brand new digital strategies for the brand.


Name a woman that inspires you and why: As cliché as it may sound, my mum would have to be my biggest inspiration. Her strength, resilience and kindness is something I admire greatly and they are great qualities to have in your work and personal life.


Some hobby you might have: I really enjoy my outdoor fitness groups that I train with, social media (it’s a massive part of my life – at work and at home) and spending time with family and friends.

One achievement you are proud of: Since working for Chicken Treat, I’ve been able to achieve some great stuff along with the rest of the Chicken Treat Marketing Team, including:

  • Mention on the Gruen Transfer for our Baconary Burger campaign name.
  • Launching a brand new e-news platform, The Flock using new software and setting up automated emails and SMS marketing.
  • Nominee for a Rising Star aware in my first year at Craveable Brands.