Join one of the Fastest Growing Brands in Australia. Become Chicken Treat’s newest Chicken Hero in Anketell!

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Join one of the Fastest Growing Brands in Australia. Become Chicken Treat’s newest Chicken Hero in BUTLER!

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Chicken Treat in Perth

Chicken Treat restaurants are popping up all over Western Australia, but it all started just outside of Perth.

In 1976, Frank Romano wanted to give families a good quality, high-value meal that could be savoured and that was a bit exclusive. His Midland store cooked up an indulgent, slow-cooked rotisserie chicken that has kept Perthians coming back for more ever since.

Today, you don’t have to go far to get your hands on a juicy chicken treat. With 33 restaurants in the greater Perth area, Chicken Treat is experiencing massive growth and looking for new Franchise Partners.

Chicken Treat - the glory days

Memories of childhood in Perth aren’t complete without fond stories of Chicken Treat. Working at Chicken Treat was many a teen’s first job (and some never left). A few then grew up to be the next generation of Chicken Treat owners, serving up the same great taste with a smile.

Food makes us happy, and creates bonds and memories between family and friends. Sarah Poppelwell remembers stopping at Chicken Treat on the way home from school for their world-famous chips. She and her husband Hamish now own the same shop she practically grew up in.

There’s a massive amount of Western Australian pride in Chicken Treat. It’s a great Perth success story that residents treasure. The food is out of this world, the atmosphere is friendly, and the customers are loyal to their hometown chicken shop.

That said, the meal packs that have fed families for over 40 years have kept up with food trends. We like to keep innovating our menu to keep the Chicken Treat experience packed with Shazam!

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Perth: a food lover’s haven

Perth is a foodie’s paradise. From sophisticated fare to casual soul-food, your stomach is always happy in Perth.

When they’re not eating, outdoor-enthusiasts fill the city – and Perth’s top spots are their playground. And after all that fresh air works up an intense hunger of superhero proportions, it’s time to refuel.

Our inner-city bushland at Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a satisfying, hand-seasoned family meal from Chicken Treat. However you like your chicken – roasted rotisserie-style, crunchified or both (if you can’t decide) – it’s delicious.

Locals and tourists alike can’t get enough of the world’s largest musical instrument, The Bell Tower. And sitting on the banks of the Swan River, Barrack Square is the best place to have a midday meal alfresco or enjoy the tower’s lights with a late-night snack.

Perth is known – bushland to beaches – as a city that’s ultra-livable. That’s down to the natural beauty, friendly people and delicious food.

So if you want to be part of the city’s dynamic food scene, check out the franchises for sale in Perth.

Our Perth Chicken Treat restaurant locations

With stores across Perth and beyond, you’re never too far away from a classic, juicy, mouthwatering rotisserie chicken. Ask for it crunchified if you prefer. But whichever way you have it, be prepared to be Wowed!

    Why Perth loves Chicken Treat so much

    Maybe it’s the tantalising flavours or the hometown pride. It could be the nostalgia and happiness you feel as soon as you step inside. Some say it’s our chips and others claim it brings back memories of their youth. Whatever it is, Chicken Treat is to Perth as shiraz is to Margaret River. We’ve been here for decades, and we aren’t going anywhere.

    From those who got their first job at Chicken Treat to those who couldn’t leave and bought the store, we’re a local icon and source of community pride.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I consider buying a franchise in Perth?

      You can’t talk about Chicken Treat without mentioning Perth. It’s where everything began, and recent growth means we’re expanding to feed more hungry Perthians. With over two million people now, the city’s population has more than doubled since the first Chicken Treat opened in 1976. There are new food offerings in Perth, but one thing has remained constant – the Chicken Treat craving is hard to shake. In Perth, nothing rivals Chicken Treat.

    • What's the business competition like in Perth?

      The more Perth grows from a country town to a metropolis ready to hold its own against the big three, the more competition makes a difference. Competition brings hungry customers, and when they’re given a choice, they gravitate towards Chicken Treat as a timeless crowd favourite.

    • What ROI can I expect from a Perth franchise?

      You’re smart to ask about return on investment (ROI). However, the Franchising Code of Conduct doesn’t allow us to share ROI figures, because they’re not an accurate indicator of future performance.

      What we can say is that Chicken Treat and our parent company, Craveable Brands, are both financially solid. We can also say that banks prefer to loan to new Franchise Partners backed by strong franchisors because of the company’s history of success.

      If you’re looking at buying an existing Chicken Treat store, the owner can share their profit and loss statement, sales history and ROI benchmarks with you. Or, for a new store, you can calculate ROI by researching traffic count, competitors and sales profiles. A business accountant will also be able to help you.

    • How much does a Chicken Treat franchise cost?

      The costs associated with owning a Chicken Treat franchise include a franchise fee of $40,000. This is a fixed cost that you pay to Craveable Brands, no matter where your store is located or what type of store you select. Additionally:

      • Shop front start-up costs are generally around $300,000-$420,000 (plus GST). 
      • Drive-thru start-up costs are around $350,000-$6500,000 (plus GST).
    • Can I buy more than one Chicken Treat restaurant?

      Absolutely! We recommend starting with a single location and adding to it when you’re confident you can take on more. That’s because becoming a Chicken Treat owner is a full-time job that requires a hands-on approach. Once your first store is established, you’ll be ready to open a second location.

    • Can I pick a location in Perth to develop a franchise?

      Go for it! We’re always looking for the next best spot, and we’re open to suggestions. The perfect site for a Chicken Treat store will allow easy access and drive-thru flow. Our property experts are ready to help you negotiate the best deal and start your new business in a prime location. If you’ve had your eye on a particular spot, call us to discuss your franchise business opportunity in Perth.

    • What's Chicken Treat’s strategy for growth in Perth, and how will I be part of it?

      It’s out of this galaxy! We’re growing fast, and our strategy is to open more stores throughout the city. With 33 stores and counting, we’re constantly adding new restaurants and need motivated Franchise Partners like you. We’re Perth’s favourite chicken franchise, and we don’t want to keep our fans waiting.

    • Why does Chicken Treat’s business model work well in Perth?

      Chicken Treat is homegrown, we’re part of local culture and our chicken tastes damn good. In Perth, restaurants come and go. Perthians always try the newest spot in town, but only the best of the best can say they’ve been around for 40+ years. So if you work hard and serve customers great food with a smile, you’ll find a loyal following in Perth.

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