Chicken Treat Gets Ready To Break Borders!

Brand News: March 31, 2022

The Legend Is Coming! And with Legendary Chicken comes Big Opportunity. Chicken Treat is a hugely popular Western Australian brand with superpower potential, and has been a WA favourite for more than 40 years. As the WA born and bred brand gets ready to break borders and expand into new territory, we sat down with CEO Mimma Battista to discuss what opportunities this provides for prospective Franchise Partners.

How would you describe Chicken Treat to someone who has not experienced the brand before? We’re a W.A. born fast food chain with over 46 years of experience cooking chicken to perfection across an multi pillared menu of rotisserie chicken, fried chicken and burgers. We’re committed to surprising and delighting our customers through unapologetically indulgent chicken, innovative food and contagious smiles, to deliver profitable growth.

What makes Chicken Treat different to other QSR businesses? Chicken Treat is the ultimate light-hearted fun chicken destination serving “unbutton your belt” style food with a unique flavour profile. We’re the lovable rebels of the QSR industry, unafraid to break rules and push boundaries. We bring different flavours to the table, different food innovation and in different formats… you might not get a normal tomato sauce at Chicken Treat – but you might get a cola barbecue sauce or a sriracha mayo … something the other QSRs don’t carry.

Chicken Treat has always been an iconic West Australian brand, and is now growing exponentially – why has it been so successful? Chicken Treat has undergone a major brand transformation in recent years, the success of which is evident through our store sales figures and store growth strategy. Over a two year period, Chicken Treat had a greater rate of spend growth (of 33.3%) than all other key QSR operators in Australia (Crest Data Quarter ending Dec 2021). Our success is due to our hardworking and passionate Franchise Partners, our commitment to innovative food development, strong leadership and the support of Craveable Brands.

Chicken Treat will be opening stores on the East Coast in 2022… why did you decide to take the brand interstate? The brand is in a strong position for national expansion – after a major brand transformation, Chicken Treat is experiencing record sales growth attributed to solid strategy, right partnerships and a successful brand relaunch. With a clear vision and strong strategy, paired with a team of experts with a passion to succeed, Chicken Treat is primed to break borders and open stores in the Eastern states.

How will you support the launch of the brand on the East Coast? We’ve created a significant and robust marketing strategy to support the launch of the brand and the stores on the East Coast. We’re also offering additional operational support and flexible incentives available for debut candidates.

On the back of such strong growth, how big is this national expansion going to be? Chicken Treat plans to open another 30 stores around Australia within 18 months, 13 of which will be in the Eastern States of Australia. For the past 40 years, Chicken Treat has been serving up fun, contemporary and tasty food to hungry Western Australians, and we aren’t slowing down now! It’s only getting better – crazy fun menu options, family-friendly store designs and a host of new technology is currently being rolled out, and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of Australia!

What does it take to succeed as a Franchise Partner with Chicken Treat? Passion, ambition and authenticity. Our Franchise Partners understand people and are passionate about the brand. Their belief in, and ambition to grow with Chicken Treat ensures network expansion and success. Due to hard work, passion and a commitment to their customers, 100% of our Franchise Partner network is in positive growth.


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