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    Calling all property owners and potential Franchise Partners who want a Chicken Treat restaurant near them. We’re looking for new shop fronts and drive-thru locations so more people can experience the deliciousness of Chicken Treat.


    What are we looking for in a Chicken Treat Franchise Partner?

    Franchise Partners come from all different backgrounds. Some had their first job at their neighbourhood Chicken Treat, but not all. What they invariably share is the drive to succeed. They’re leaders and team players who are both hard-working and people-focussed. They’re hands-on and love making people smile with delicious food.

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    Store types

    Chicken Treat is ready to fly the coop and open new stores across Western Australia. That means we have franchises for sale now – from shop front formats to drive-thru restaurants. And both new and existing franchise opportunities await. We have more to offer, and our door is open. Are you ready to join our team of chicken heroes?

    Our classic drive-thru model also features restaurant seating and can handle a large number of orders at one time. This format offers the biggest opportunity for both space and budget, and we know our customers just love this convenient way of getting their fried chicken fix.

    Approximate cost for a new build is:
    $350,000-$650,000 (plus GST)


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    Shop front stores are also great Chicken Treat opportunities. They’re lower-priced than our drive-thrus, but they still provide a great ROI. They tend to suit high-traffic areas, and their fit-outs enable them to pull double duty – dine-in customers and walk-by takeaways.

    Approximate cost for a new build is:
    $300,000 – $420,000 (plus GST)


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    About Chicken Treat franchises

    We currently have 57 Chicken Treat stores in Australia, and 6 Chicken Treat franchise opportunities available.

    We’re proud to be part of a strong network of franchises, sharing the collective experience of our parent company, Craveable Brands.

    This means that, as a Chicken Treat Franchise Partner, you’ll also have the backing of experienced, successful, iconic brands like Red Rooster and Oporto, with deep roots in Australian culture. Collectively, our brands form a strong international network of over 580 stores, all experiencing rapid growth.

    This makes Chicken Treat one of the best franchise opportunities in Australia.

    Here at Chicken Treat, we believe in hands-on management

    We’re community-focused, hard-working, chicken-loving heroes. As a member of the Chicken Treat family, you’ll be part of a supportive, driven team who’ll welcome you and want you to thrive.

    What are we about? We’re about people. We have 1,500 Chicken Treat Franchise Partners and employees dishing up lip-smacking goodness and making customers happy every day.

    We highly recommend working in your franchise business, alongside your team. That’s because we know stores that do the best are those with owner-operator Franchise Partners

    We provide all the support you need to succeed

    We’re actively invested in making you the best Franchise Partner you can be. That’s why we offer a significant level of support from head office. You’ll also get the combined buying power, digital development and food innovation of our parent company, Craveable Brands. Plus, help is always on hand to support you in growing your franchise business.


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    Asking a lot of questions, in addition to doing online research and talking to other Franchise Partners, is big. It’s important to understand all sides of owning a franchise before you apply. When you’re ready and excited to become a Franchise Partner, it’s time to take the next step.



    So you think franchise life is a good fit for you, it’s time to get in touch with our team. Just fill out the online contact form and someone from our team will reach out for a chat, and to send you more details.



    Take your time to fill out our application form, after it has been received we will reach out and book a time for an interview.



    You’re legally required to sign our confidentiality agreement before we can disclose any financial information about our restaurants’ performance. This is an important step in the franchise-buying process.



    At this point, it’s a great idea to do your due diligence to make sure there are no hidden surprises. Do the sums for your financing, prepare a business plan and organise some cash flow projections. We will be doing the same at our end. If you have any questions, we are here to help.



    A huge part of franchise life is ensuring that you can work as part of a team. Here at Chicken Treat we take this seriously. Our State Manager and CEO will share our company vision with you at this point, and you will also get the opportunity to present your business plans to them.



    The meeting will be an interview of sorts, our CEO will make sure that you’re a right fit for the brand and you want to make sure we are the righ fit for you. Hint: they are looking for communication skills, business acumen and the ability to lead a team.



    With the paperwork sorted, we’ll invite you to a full franchise business induction training program, where we’ll teach you everything you need to know. From health and safety, budgeting and policies to staff training and food preparation, this is where the adventure begins.



    You’re ready! After the eleven-week Franchise Partner induction program, you now have the tools to open the doors to your new Chicken Treat store. With keys in hand, you’re ready for your first customer. We’ll be nearby every step of the way.

    Frequently asked questions

    • What type of person should consider buying a franchise?

      Someone who works hard, and who’s an enthusiastic people-person, is a great candidate. And, being a food-lover is a must for a Chicken Treat Franchise Partner. The best owners also have strong leadership and communications skills, and are customer-focused and business-savvy.

      At Chicken Treat, you can own a slice of chicken franchise heaven, even if you have no previous retail or fast-food experience. As long as you’re motivated to get results, we’ll teach you the rest.

    • What should I look for in a franchise for sale?

      Franchises come in all shapes and sizes, and understanding the different types of franchises is important. Most quick service restaurants – including Chicken Treat – use the retailer-to-retailer model, which means you operate your own business under our brand and business model. Consider the following when comparing which franchise is right for you.

      • Brand recognition – is the brand well-known? One of the biggest advantages of buying a franchise over starting your own business is brand recognition. If the franchise isn’t well known, generating the sales you need will be harder.
      • Royalty fees – what ongoing fees are required? Royalty fees are monthly or quarterly payments that can be calculated in various ways. Understanding the royalty payments and fees upfront is critical.
      • Buying power – do all stores share costs? Buying power is another advantage of buying a franchise. Chicken Treat is part of Craveable Brands, who purchase goods for over 580 stores across three brands. That means that, as a Chicken Treat Franchise Partner, we’ll consistently secure competitive prices for products and we’ll take care of the entire supply chain process for you to ensure you can receive regular deliveries throughout the year.
    • Why should I buy a Chicken Treat franchise?

      The short answer – because they are in a period of growth, and have been for the past 2 years and with the current strategy in place, there is no sign of slowing down! In addition to the better buying power mentioned above, Chicken Treat is an iconic brand with an excellent reputation and management team.

      We also lead the way in training up our Franchise Partners, so you get the results you want. We share best practices from the highest performing stores with every Chicken Treat restaurant owner. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel – instead, we believe in making it work better together. You’ll have all the tools you need to create your Chicken Treat legacy.

      Plus, our food is delicious! It indulges the senses – all them. From the first juicy bite to the last tangy dip of sauce on our famous chips, we love to surprise and delight our customers with our clucking good chicken.

      West Australians have grown up with Chicken Treat since 1976. For generations, families have enjoyed and made dinner memories from our wholesome, perfectly roasted chicken.

      We hold tight to our roots of delicious rotisserie chicken, but we aren’t afraid to see what the future holds either. Our newest menu items are a huge hit that keep our menu exciting, and our hungry customers looking for the next delicious item.

      So what are you waiting for? As a Chicken Treat owner, you’ll become part of West Australian history and carry on the tradition of an iconic Aussie brand. Join us as we grow into more cities across Australia. We’re looking for people like you!

    • What Australian franchise opportunities are there other than Chicken Treat?

      Over 1,200 businesses offer franchise opportunities across Australia, from swimming schools to dog-grooming businesses.

      Since there are so many choices, we recommend narrowing down your options by business type or franchise structure. There are four models of franchise structures to consider before you decide which one fits your needs.

      Chicken Treat and most quick service restaurants fall under the retailer-retailer model. You get to rule your own roost with the support of a national brand and successful retailer.

    • I already own a business. Should I still consider buying a franchise?

      Sure thing! You’ve already got a good head for business, so it could be a great fit. Owning a Chicken Treat restaurant isn’t a part-time gig, though. Our top-performing stores have owners who are hands-on and involved in the day-to-day operations. So if you have another business on the go, consider how you’ll make Chicken Treat your priority.

    • What can I expect from buying a franchise?

      As a Franchise Partner, you’ll be a proud small business owner. You’ll get to make decisions about your business, while someone else does the heavy lifting for you. And the best part of owning a franchise like Chicken Treat is having a business with a proven track record and instant following – that means customers from Day One!

      You can also expect less guesswork and more peace of mind. Owning a franchise gives you the roadmap to success with all the training and support you need. You’ll work hard, but your energy will be directed in the right places. No more spinning your wheels!

    • How can I find out more about franchising in general?

      For more franchising information, we have a library of blog articles that explore the fundamentals in more detail.

      Introduction to Franchising
      Start here if you’re new to franchising. This article gives you a basic overview of how franchising works with a breakdown of the four franchise business models and franchise arrangements.

      What is a Franchise?
      Find out more about why a franchise is a great way to grow your business and reach more customers. The parent company (franchisor) sells the rights to their brand, products and services to another business owner (Franchise Partner). Think of it as cloning a business and selling the clones to individual owners.

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising
      Even though we think franchising is the Shazam! of business opportunities, it might not be for everyone. Find out why buying a franchise is the perfect option for many entrepreneurial-minded people. Research is the first step, and this article will highlight the pros and cons of becoming a Franchise Partner.

      Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Franchise
      Owning a franchise requires dedication and hard work. But the formula is there, it’s simple to follow, and it produces top results. If you think becoming a Franchise Partner is for you, take a look at the top reasons to take the next step.

      Franchise Business Plan
      Every successful business has a well-written business plan. As a Chicken Treat Franchise Partner, you’ll follow in the footsteps of other successful owners and write your version that matches your business goals. This article explains what’s included in a good business plan.

      How Much Money do I Need to Buy a Franchise?
      The money you’ll need to become a Franchise Partner varies. This article explains what franchise fees, royalty fees and fit-out costs will add to the total amount.

    • How do I get started?

      We thought you’d never ask. Just fill out the short online application, and we’ll be in touch.

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