Chicken Heroes Win Award

Brand News: June 30, 2020

Bringing a 1970’s brand into the modern era resulting in loyal satisfied customers, profitable franchisees and an exciting brand that has a solid future in the Australian market has been a team effort and one that we are extremely proud of as we have now set a great foundation for the future.”
Mimma Battista, CEO Chicken Treat

A clear vision and strong strategy, paired with a team of experts with a passion to succeed, Chicken Treat underwent a major brand transformation, creating a completely new customer experience and sense of purpose.

These achievements were recognised by QSR Media and industry leaders at the 2020 QSR Media Conference & Awards, when Chicken Treat was awarded ‘Best Brand Transformation’.

Chicken Treat WIN


By adopting a five year strategy which brought about change in every aspect of the business – brand culture, new store designs, food innovation and introduce new products, focus on a new target markets as well refresh brand positioning, look and feel – Chicken Treat completed a 360 degree brand transformation in 2019 with the final aspect brought to life with new store design, uniforms, packaging, logo, website, and customer experience training.

We now stand miles apart from where we once were… and this is just the beginning!



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